TOM vehicle based surveillance system


ESC BAZ announced today it has successfully delivered significant quantities of the TOM vehicle mounted surveillance system to an international customer.

TOM is a fully integrated surveillance system enabling the operator with observation capabilities during the day & night from inside the vehicle. It comprises of powerful CCD, thermal cameras & robust pan-tilt unit mounted on a telescopic mast. The mast is designed for installation on any kind of vehicle which is easily retracted while on the move. Video feeds from the day & thermal cameras can be viewed on a command station with display located next to the driver. Camera functions such as the zoom, focus can also be controlled by the command station. Information feeds can then be forwarded to the area command center remotely.

The system offers high quality, real-time video surveillance for situational awareness, patrolling and reconnaissance activities. It is designed for simple operation, ease of use with independent power supply and built to withstand rugged terrain and harsh environmental conditions.