Continuous Zoom Uncooled Thermal Camera

Layla® is ESC BAZ’s innovative uncooled thermal camera with true continuous optical zoom that enables uninterrupted smooth vision in complete darkness from the narrowest Field of View (FOV) to the widest FOV without losing its target. Layla® is a high performance night vision camera with optional digital video image stabilization ensuring quality target acquisition when there is movement and/or harsh weather conditions. It is ideal for 24/7 video security applications.

Designed with integrated dual-channel DSP video processing, Layla® offers a built-in second video input for an additional CCD day camera enabling enhanced color vision during the day.

The Layla® mid-range thermal imager provides the night vision channel for ESC BAZ’s industry leading AVIV multi-sensor system motorized by the company’s SMART PTZ that offers a highly sophisticated surveillance system for civilian and paramilitary security applications.

Layla® Layla® Layla® Layla®
  • Additional continuous digital zoom up to 4x
  • On-board digital video processing
  • Serial interface communication control
  • All-weather rugged casing
  • Optional for optical lens, simple FOV
  • Optional optical continuous zoom 15-100mm (25-150mm and 25-225mm)
  • Optional Digital compression & IP streaming
Relevant Documents
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