Tom vehicle

Vehicle Mounted Surveillance System

TOM is a vehicle-mounted surveillance system that offers any type of patrol vehicle  patrol vehicles a high quality, mobile video surveillance unit that gives vehicles operators real-time video enabling them to be fully aware of what is happening outside and around the vehicle. TOM was designed and developed to fit on any type of vehicle from small patrol cars to large trucks.  This system was developed especially because military vehicles need high quality, mobile video surveillance units to keep them safe whether patrolling the borders of a military base or performing surveillance and reconnaissance activities in areas of armed conflict.  

TOM enables the operators to observe both day and night from inside the vehicle using the compact and user-friendly Command and Control Unit. The Command and Control Unit also allows the operator to continue surveillance outside the vehicle and to send remotes reports to the control center. Although the cameras are very sensitive, the system is designed to withstand rugged terrain and harsh environmental conditions. It is mounted on a robust, highly precise pan-tilt unit, equipped with day and thermal cameras.

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  • Land surveillance and perimeter defense
  • Day and night observation
  • Full control and viewing from inside vehicle via the Control & Display Unit
  • Built-in Digital Video Recording
  • Installations on telescopic masts
  • Wireless communication with mobile command and control center
  • Designed for rugged terrain and harsh weather conditions
  • Ability to be mounted on any type of vehicle