TAMAR is ESC BAZ’s innovative ultra-sensitive observation system that includes three separate observation channels:  Color Wide Field of View channel, Visible Narrow FOV channel and Long Range SWIR channel. All three channels are equipped with true optical continuous zoom, enabling long-range uninterrupted smooth vision, from the narrowest FOV to the widest FOV without loosing the target (optical zoom of x250).

TAMAR SWIR Channel is based on extremely sensitive InGaAs sensor allowing for high-resolution object or individual identification. It also can produce high quality imaging in fog or “night glow” conditions.

TAMAR camera can be used efficiently in both civilian and critical military applications such as quality target acquisition, camouflage detection, 24/7 video security surveillance and border monitoring.

Designed with integrated dual-channel DSP video processing, TAMAR offers two simultaneous video output channels. It has built-in digital video image stabilization for smooth vision if operating under harsh conditions or there is camera vibration.

TAMAR observation system is designed with standard protocol and interfaces for  easy integration with industry-standard remote controlled Pan/Tilt systems and leading Command and Control (C2I/C4I) systems.

Tamar Tamar
  • VIS Optical continuos zoom (x250)
  • Narrow FOV SWIR channel with Optical continuous zoom (x4)
  • 2-channels simultaneous video outputs
  • On-board digital video processing
  • Built-in Digital compression & IP streaming
  • All-weather rugged casting
Relevant Documents
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