MODOS is a discreet early-warning multi-sensor intruder detection and observation system that includes motion-detection radar, seamlessly integrated with an AVIV Video Surveillance system that can play a significant role in urban security architecture. This stand-alone system enables police and other law enforcement agencies to easily and effectively detect and record activity even in crowded urban areas. This system can be customized to install sensors in various discreet ways to guarantee that they provide a safe degree privacy and transparency, but are not easily detected by intruders.

MODOS is ideal for protecting sensitive sites, such as oil depots, ports, airports, and border installations. The AVIV Video Surveillance system includes a highly precise pan-tilt unit, an uncooled thermal imager for night vision and a high performance day camera enabling both night and day observation even under harsh weather conditions. It is ideal for 24/7 video security applications.

MODOS operates as a single integrated system in "slew-to-cue" mode, which means that the AVIV surveillance and observation head is slaved to the radar system, and as soon as an intrusion is detected by the radar, AVIV's Pan & Tilt unit turns to locate the intruder.

MODOS automatically controls the camera’s zoom & focus to display the intruder in the most effective way in the center of screen.

  • Discreet Early-Warning Intruder Detection
  • Operates as a single integrated system
  • Land surveillance, and perimeter defense
  • Integrates with AVIV Control & Monitoring SW System, or with any standard C&C SW
  • Fitted with LAYLA® uncooled thermal camera
  • Optional: cooled thermal camera for extended observation ranges

Relevant Documents
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