AVIV is a short to mid-range surveillance system designed for perimeter defense and border protection. It enables police and other law enforcement agencies to protect critical assets and vital infrastructure installations such as sensitive border zones airports, and oil refineries from hostile penetrations.

The system is mounted on a robust, highly precise pan-tilt unit, equipped with day and night (thermal) cameras. It allows for both day and night observation from remote locations using an intuitive, user-friendly control unit.

AVIV easily integrates with additional means of surveillance such as detection fence systems, motion detection radars and Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS). When an intrusion is detected by any of these systems, AVIV automatically focuses on the detection area to provide a real-time video investigation of the intrusion. In addition, AVIV integrates with viewing and management software or other C4i systems.

Aviv Aviv Aviv Aviv Aviv
  • Land surveillance and Perimeter defense
  • Advanced night vision technology with built-in digital stabilization for video
  • Fitted with LAYLA® uncooled thermal camera (continuous zoom or dual FOV)
  • Integrates with Aviv panoramic software and C4i systems
  • Integration with detection fence systems, motion detection, radars and UGS