ESC BAZ launches the BPOD optical sight for fire control systems


ESC BAZ has introduced the BPOD optical sight for fire control and remote weapon stations. The system enables target acquisition and surveillance in day & night conditions, and comprises of a day channel, thermal camera and LRF. "We are pleased to announce the worldwide launch of the BPOD after proven field testing & performance, followed by supply of significant quantities to one of the leading defense companies", said Benny Zviran, CEO ESC BAZ.

The BPOD supports detection ranges of up to 9km for NATO targets and incorporates a laser range finder up to 8km. The system has a modular and flexible design making it highly configurable and adaptable to specific customer requirements while enabling quick integration with most types of remote weapon stations. The BPOD is now available for global distribution.

Relevant Documents
pdf BPOD (527KB)