C-HAWK is a surveillance system designed for maritime applications that provides naval and coast guard vessels with a tactical tool to protect  strategic locations, such as ports, vessels or other maritime environments, The system is based on a robust, highly precise pan-tilt unit equipped with day and night (thermal) cameras (uncooled), allowing both day and night observation from remote locations. Additional compass systems, such as GPS and LRF, can be added to enhance performance.

C-HAWK easily integrates with additional means of surveillance such as sonar or motion detection radars When an intrusion is detected by any of these systems,  C-Hawk automatically focuses on the detection area to provide a real-time video investigation.

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  • All-in-one enclosure for all sensors
  • Integration with GPS, LRF and compass systems (optional)
  • High precision, continuous 360°
  • Gyro stabilized high accuracy PTZ
  • Day and night (thermal) cameras for day and night observation
  • Electronic stabilization
  • Easy integration with C4I systems
    or can be delivered with a MAX Command and Control unit
  • Installations on boats, poles, towers, and vehicle-mounted mast systems
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