PoS 20

Heavy weight Baz Positioning System

ESC BAZ offers a range of Pan-Tilt solutions providing superior performance in field conditions. The system incorporates a highly modular and flexible design, supports diverse technologies and is fully customizable to specific customer requirements.

The PoS-20 system can be integrated with different payloads such as observation Cameras & directional Antennas. The Pan-Tilt system is robust and stable delivering precise, accurate performance while supporting weights of 20 kg (extendable to 30 kg) on the top.

ESC BAZ provides an intelligent mechanism with Continuous Rotation capabilities as well as the ability to control movement of both the positioning system and payload (Camera or Antenna) via a single control unit.

Features Documents
  • High performance, modular and flexible design
  • Easily adapted to various customer requirements
  • Seamless integration with observation Cameras & directional Antennas
  • Positioning system weighs less than 12 kg, transportable with minimal effort
  • Supports loads of 20 kg on the top (can be extended to 30 kg), 30 kg on the side
  • Includes Continuous rotation capabilities
  • Movement control of both Pan-Tilt & Payload via single control unit
  • Robust, stable MIL standard (IP67 compliant)


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